Experience hair &
confidence like you have
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Whether you are seeking a confidence boost of fuller hair or looking to add length for days

Before we tell you about life-changing extensions, let us tell you about who these are for… 

Whether you are...

  • The girl who's hair does not grow past a certain length or has experienced breakage, and looking to add length and volume.
  • The girl who is looking to add volume and fullness back to her hair.
  • The girl who is ready for a total transformation and wants hair that tucks into her pants.

Extensions are for clients who feel their hair may be too thin or damaged, who want extra body or length to their hair. They must be ready to invest more time and money into their hair, while extensions take some extra maintenance.

get started

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Must schedule a consultation for new clients.
At that appointment a deposit will be taken to book the next appointment. 

During your appointments with Summer Blonde Co. we will discuss your goals for your hair, go over goal photos, come up with a plan for your appointment and will figure out if we can do the goal in one appointment or multiple. SB.co number one priority is keeping your hair healthy or getting it to a healthy state.

what to expect

6 months to a year depending on what products are used, how well the extensions are being taken care of, how fast the clients hair is growing in regards to a volume weft. 

01. How long does the hair last?

02. How often do I need a move up?

6 to 8 weeks is preferred, as long as extensions are well cared for sometimes up to 10 weeks is okay.

04. Can I wear my hair in a high pony?

Yes, however we suggest waiting till extensions have grown out 1-2 weeks.

05. Can I still go swimming?

Yes, you can go swimming, though we suggest putting a lot of leave in conditioner before getting the hair wet. Know that chlorine will change the color of extension.